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ibeo Sensor Referencing

ibeo.Reference is a combination of Ibeo’s LIDAR sensor technology and the corresponding evaluation software system. The algorithms of the ibeo Evaluation Suite generate reference scenarios to create a benchmark for the evaluation of ADAS and HAD applications. Furthermore, they serve as the basis for the development of new applications.

Use-cases for the ibeo.Reference system is:

  • You want to assess the performance and robustness of your own ADAS applications like a Blind Spot Monitoring System or a Lane Change Assist.
  • You want to create reference data for the evaluation of your Device under Test (DuT) system.
  • You want to use the reference system for the development and testing of your own ADAS applications.


ibeo.Reference Solution
Current Modules:

  • Evaluation Suite Core module
  • Rear Monitoring
  • Lanes
  • PreScan
  • DuT Tools

ibeo.Reference Technology
The high-end algorithms integrated into the ibeo Evaluation Suite software for data processing provide the following scenario information:

  • automatic labeling of dynamic objects
  • road maps containing reference objects
  • Xevent detection like blind spot detection or lane change information