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Off-Road Platforms

An AutonomouStuff vehicle platform provides a safe, reliable and robust solution for developing and deploying automated driving applications. Our platforms are informed by our extensive experience working with thousands of skilled engineers around the world.

The Polaris Ranger is our off-road platform of choice because of its potential for low-cost integration.


  • Low cost
  • Off-road vehicle
  • Customizable
  • By-wire system
  • Supported by world-class engineers

Automotive platforms are ideal for testing and deploying research and development algorithms for robotics applications, including:

  • Vision processing
  • Obstacle avoidance
  • Object tracking and classification
  • Localization
  • Automated controls
  • Map building


  • Full set of software interfaces to controls:
    • Steering
    • Braking
    • Acceleration
  • Software access:
    • High, low, reverse and neutral gear selection
    • Speed feedback
  • Convenience features:
    • Mode status indication
    • Visually-audible advanced fault detection
    • Joystick control interface
    • Speed and steering controller available
    • ROS node available
    • Full DBC file available
    • A touch screen on the dash for power distribution
    • Ethernet ports on the dashboard
    • HDMI Splitter for multiple monitors


We provide exclusive, fully integrated by-wire kits for small electric vehicles—safe, reliable and robust by-wire solutions that seamlessly interface to the Robot Operating System (ROS). Small electric vehicles are commonly used on university campuses and provide an easy solution for testing. We add an array of features to the standard by-wire platform, with optional features to customize the vehicle for your needs, along with world-class support.

Standard hardware and software:

  • PACMod
    • Throttle and brake-by-wire controller module
    • Shifting by-wire controller module
    • Steering by-wire controller module
  • Power distribution panel
  • Vehicle-specific wire harnesses for all hardware modules
  • ROS driver available
  • USB joystick control software
  • Vehicle feedback (varies per vehicle model)
  • Common Controller Area Network (CAN) interface for all supported vehicles
  • Open source interface

Software modules

AStuff software

Partner software


  • Integrated PC with ROS pre-installed and preconfigured
  • Sensor bumper racks for convenient sensor-mounting configurations
  • Additional Battery to extend test time.
  • Custom Alternator upgrade giving an additional 75Amps of power to run sensors/computers.
  • Water Resistant enclosure with built-in cooling for the bed of the vehicle
  • HRI controller (remote E-stop)
  • Conduit to route cables from bed to cab of the vehicle
  • Custom trunk rack/monitor mounts/sensor mounting etc