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AStuff LiDAR Object Processing Software

LiDAR Object Processing (LOP) software processes three-dimensional point cloud data from a LiDAR sensor to establish the ground plane and track objects above it. The software is modular by design and built for ROS applications. AutonomouStuff LOP works with the Velodyne Puck and Ultra Puck.




  • Benefit from ROS integration.
  • Perform ground segmentation, data clustering and object tracking with advanced algorithms.
  • Uniquely track objects 360 degrees around the vehicle, and report the position, size, velocity, acceleration and age of each unique object.
  • Tune parameters for ground height threshold, object height threshold and object point cluster size.
  • See visualized 3-D bounding boxes around tracked objects.
  • Take advantage of documentation and world-class support.

LOP modular software saves you months of effort:

  • Creating custom ground segmentation software.
  • Developing custom object tracking algorithms.
  • Optimizing LiDAR data processing algorithms.
  • Tuning algorithms for multiple sensors.


AutonomouStuff software stack